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Tax Sale Prevention-Assistance Available to Homeowners

Homeowners: Have you received letters from Baltimore City’s Bureau of Revenue Collections for unpaid property taxes or city bills?􀀯􀄨􀀃􀆐􀅽􀍕􀀃􀆚􀅚􀄞􀀃􀄚􀄞􀄂􀄚􀅯􀅝􀅶􀄞􀀃􀆚􀅽􀀃􀆉􀄂􀇇􀀃􀄂􀅯􀅯􀀃􀅽􀆵􀆚􀆐􀆚􀄂􀅶􀄚􀅝􀅶􀅐􀀃􀄂􀅵􀅽􀆵􀅶􀆚􀆐􀀃􀅽􀇁􀄞􀄚􀀃􀆚􀅽􀀃􀆚􀅚􀄞􀀃􀀒􀅝􀆚􀇇􀀃􀅝􀆐􀀃􀀄􀆉􀆌􀅝􀅯􀀃􀏮􀏵􀍕􀀃 If so, the deadline to pay all outstanding amounts owed to the City is April 29, 2016. If left unpaid, your delinquent taxes, water or other city bills could be bought by an investor at the City’s annual tax lien certificate sale in May. If you don’t pay the investor after seven months, your house could be foreclosed and sold, no matter how long you have owned the property.

􀄏􀅽􀆵􀅐􀅚􀆚􀀃􀄏􀇇􀀃􀄂􀅶􀀃􀅝􀅶􀇀􀄞􀆐􀆚􀅽􀆌􀀃􀄂􀆚􀀃􀆚􀅚􀄞􀀃􀄐􀅝􀆚􀇇􀎖􀆐􀀃􀄂􀅶􀅶􀆵􀄂􀅯􀀃􀆚􀄂􀇆􀀃􀅯􀅝􀄞􀅶􀀃􀄐􀄞􀆌􀆟􀄮􀄐􀄂􀆚􀄞􀀃􀆐􀄂􀅯􀄞􀀃􀅝􀅶􀀃􀁄􀄂􀇇Baltimore Housing’s Division of Green Healthy and Sustainable Homes is collaborating with other agencies to prevent Baltimore homeowners from losing their homes during the annual tax sale process. If you are behind on your property taxes or your water bill, legal help is available from the Pro-Bono Resource Center of Maryland.

For more information, contact Ken Gelula, Tax Sale Services Coordinator at 410-396-3553 or

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