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  • Code Enforcement: FAQ

    Dial 311 to initiate action. After that, contact your assigned inspector for follow-up. 2. When should I call the superintendent for my inspection district? Call the superintendent to schedule your neighborhood inspector for a community meeting. 3. Who is the inspector…

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  • Code Enforcement Legal Section

    The primary responsibility for enforcing the zoning, building and related codes of Baltimore City lies with the Housing Inspections Services Division of HCD. When violators fail to comply voluntarily with the notices issued by those inspectors, the matter is referred to the Housing Inspection Services Division's Legal…

    Tags: Code Enforcement Legal Section

  • Reasonable Accommodation Request

    If you or someone in your household has a disability and you are applying or have applied for Baltimore housing, you have the right to ask Baltimore Housing to make changes or exceptions to its rules, policies, or practices so that you can use Baltimore Housing programs. This is called a "reasonable accommodation request." Here are some examples: If you have trouble reading due to your disability, you can ask Baltimore…

    Tags: HCVP Reasonable Accommodation Request

  • Civil Rights Laws

    The following Civil Rights laws, Executive Orders, and Section 3 Requirements are applicable to the Housing Authority of Baltimore City and the Department of Housing and Community Development: Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Title I, Section 109 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Vacants to Value is a new initiative which streamlines the sale of city-owned properties and uses the private market to maximize the repair and rehabilitation of vacant properties. How can I purchase a Baltimore City owned property? Baltimore Housings' Land Resources Division sells properties and land under its supervision through various methods.

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  • Rooftop Deck Permits

    1. All permit applications for "Rooftop Decks" must have construction documents signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer or Architect licensed in the State of Maryland. 2. Any rooftop deck that is to be supported by a Party Wall, owners of affected adjoining properties must be notified in writing by Certified Mail Return Receipt and evidence of this notice must be submitted with the construction documents. 3. The…

    Tags: Rooftop Deck Permits

  • Project Finance & Development

    A City of vibrant neighborhoods with housing opportunities for people of all income levels in a wide variety of communities. To achieve this vision we work with neighborhood organizations, advocacy groups, real estate developers, lenders and City, State, and Federal government…