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  • Rooftop Deck Permits

    1. All permit applications for "Rooftop Decks" must have construction documents signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer or Architect licensed in the State of Maryland. 2. Any rooftop deck that is to be supported by a Party Wall, owners of affected adjoining properties must be notified in writing by Certified Mail Return Receipt and evidence of this notice must be submitted with the construction documents. 3. The…

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  • Adopt A Lot -Resources

    Anna Evans-Goldstein (410) 362-3185, can help with the following neighborhoods: Carollton Ridge, Franklin Square, Harlem Park, Hollins Market, Mill Hill, New Southwest/Mt Clair, Pennrose/Fayette Street Outreach, Poppleton, Rosemont Homeowners/Tenants, Sandtown Winchester, Shipley Hill, Union Square

  • Community Development Block Grant Program

    CDBG, one of Baltimore Housing's greatest success stories, is a HUD program designed to give local jurisdictions power to distribute federal funds directly to non-profit and public agencies that support housing and public-service programs. CDBGs primary objective is to develop viable communities by providing low- to moderate- income families with decent,…

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  • Resident Advisory Board

    The Housing Authority of Baltimore Citys Resident Advisory Board In September 1968, a group of residents met with then Housing Commissioner Robert C. Embry, Jr., to discuss tenant participation within the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC). The decisions made regarding public housing affected their lives, and they wanted a voice. Commissioner Embry created the first-ever Resident Advisory Board (RAB). His goal was to foster open communication with…

  • Business

    Acquiring property from the City has never been easier. Take a look at our up-to-date list of current and recently awarded opportunities. You can also get information on Financial & Programmatic Support. Whether you're a large-scale developer, a local community development corporation, a faith-based…

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  • About Us

    Baltimore Housing's mission is to ensure that all citizens of Baltimore have access to adequate and affordable housing opportunities in safe, livable and decent neighborhoods. Two Agencies, One Mission The Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) was established in 1937 to provide federally-funded public housing programs and related services for…

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  • Code Enforcement

    To maintain safe and attractive neighborhoods throughout the city, DHCD's Code Enforcement Division enforces the city's housing, zoning, building and related codes. Recently the division was reorganized and restructured to increase efficiency while making it more accessible to Baltimore residents. Working together, we are a powerful team, committed to maintaining the appearance and…

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  • Document Central

    Here you'll find a consolidate list of the key documents and forms available on Permits Agent Authorization Affidavit The City of Baltimore E-Plan Review System

  • Housing Choice Voucher Program

    The Housing Choice Voucher Program is a federally funded, locally administered rental assistance program that helps low-income families, the elderly and the disabled afford decent, safe housing in the private market. More than 3,000 city landlords participate Baltimore's program, which serves approximately 13,000 families. The Housing Authority of Baltimore City HCVP Tenant Based and Project Based…

  • Links

    US Department of Housing and Community & Development Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) The official web site for the City of Baltimore

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  • Alarm & Property Registration

    The Baltimore City Code, Article 13, Subtitle 4-2, requires every owner of a non-owner occupied dwelling unit, "whether occupied or vacant, whether it is producing revenue or not producing revenue, whether…

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  • Public Housing

    Serving nearly 20,000 residents with an inventory of approximately 11,000 units, the Housing Authority of Baltimore City's (HABC) portfolio includes 28 family developments, 19 mixed population buildings, 2 senior buildings and scattered sites throughout the City. HABC Developments: For more property information, select from the list below.